Buying and fixing cars from Coys Auctions

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One of my favourite hobbies and passions is buying classic cars from the auction and one of the best auction houses for this is Coys auctions. Ask any car enthusiast and they will no doubt tell you that buying prom auction is one of the cheapest ways that you can get your dream car. The reason for this is that classic vehicles can be picked up for a fraction of the price when they no longer work. It is very common for cars over 20 years old to fall into disrepair, This can be great news for a buyer.

The reason that this is great news for someone buying a car is because if they have the necessary repair skills, they can really get a bargain from auction that with a little work can turn into a real gem. Auction houses such as Silverstone and Bonhams have become more popular than ever among Motor vehicle fans.

What is a classic car auction actually like?

It is very difficult to describe the actual atmosphere inside one of these auction houses, very often they are held at racetracks which only adds to the ambience. Coys Auctions in particular are very exciting events. There is a mixture of both excitement in the air as classic cars are auctioned and bought. It is all too easy to get caught up in the event and spend more money than you had perhaps budgeted for, till it can be an important tip to set a budget on the motor-vehicle that you are going to pay beforehand.

Coys has a long-standing history as a great place to go for an auction, I would highly recommended as a great place to begin your classic car collection. Be sure to check out the website for the actual date as you do not want to turn up on the wrong day at the car race track.

Bonhams Auctions expand and sell more cars

Bonhams auctions

If there is one place that you’re pretty much guaranteed to come across a great deal at auction on a motor car, it’s surely at Bonhams auctions. This auction house has gone from strength to strength over the years and now sees thousands of classic and sports car is passing through their doors each and every single year. People are quickly recognising that this is the place to be for any serious car auctioned enthusiast and as such tendencies are on the rise.

Playing classic cars in general has become a more and more popular thing to do recently.People are increasingly seen them as effective ways to invest money, their value has skyrocketed over recent years and auction houses have been the source of these types of things. H&H auctions Sees the entire range of the classic car market coming through its doors, you can pick up anything from old Classic Ford Escorts to vintage Ferraris. You can guarantee that whatever your budget may be, Bonhams will no doubt have a collectible car to suit it.

Bonhams auctions are seeing increased attendances at their auction houses

It is important when attending somewhere like Bonhams auction house, that you ensure your place beforehand.With the increased interest in these types of events, in order to avoid disappointment for you and your family it is crucial to buy tickets or potentially book seats beforehand particularly if you do not wish to be standing up while the auction continues.

If you’re in the market for a beautiful vintage Ferrari or Aston Martin you can’t really go wrong with H and H, I got my very first collectable car from this auction and I’ve been extremely happy with it over the years.The car that I first port was in disrepair, however with a little elbow grease and know how I was able to fix it up and double its value.